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K-12 Advancement

New digital methods to communicate with your school's community are being discovered daily. Partner with the us to determine those areas of emerging technologies that are most apprpropriate and cost effective for you in reaching out to your community effectively. We know how to maximize your web presence.

With our innovative approach, clients appreciate the flexibility of tailoring their communications with prospects from a diverse list of products and services. One size never fits all, and we believe each communication plan should fit well with both the school and the method in which their community should be reached. As always, you will find our team approach provides personalized guidance each step of the way using a variety of tools including;

   Website Development & Maintenance

   Web Usability / Compatibility Testing

   Staff Developmental With Web Training

   Target Community Research & Analysis

   Statistical Website Evaluation & Strategies

   CMS Content Management System Consultation


 The Corcoran Team is comprised of retired Boston Public School Computer Education    Teachers. We know schools, we know technology and we know web design. We have the  time and the experience to work with you every step of the way to create a world class  website that will showcase your school's character. Together we can make it happen.

                                      "We want you to be you, only better"