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Let us help you improve the return on your marketing investment with well-crafted research tools.
Experience conceptual development that leads to eye-catching designs and measurable results.
Our adaptive products allow you to reach large markets or small subsets, economically and efficiently.
Maximize your marketing efforts with well-supported and cohesive collateral initiatives in digital or print production.


Your website is a big deal. It is your number one marketing tool, so getting it right is important. The research phase of web design is necessary because it establishes if we are solving the right problem, tests our theories about what our target users need, and takes other outside factors into consideration. By including a research and discovery phase, we get a much clearer focus on what we are building, who we are building it for, and what needs to be included. It sets the stage for the rest of the project by putting us on the right course. Research is vital before a design because it is the foundation upon which we create the site. Good research must include:

Documenting all the reasons why you are undertaking a redesign (some of these may not be immediately obvious) and your specific goals. It can help having an outsider ask you lots of questions to uncover them.

Feedback from your staff/readers/visitors/community about what works well for them, and what doesn’t. This takes time to get good
results: people are often in a rush and aren’t always good at articulating challenges. 

Assessing your current content: what’s missing, what’s outdated, what’s unnecessary, what’s popular, what’s confusing, what’s hard to find, what’s the best way to organize this content this can be a fairly lengthy job but worth the investment.

Testing key actions people take on your website: what’s confusing, what’s frustrating, what’s hard to do. Simple changes can have big results, for example improving forms can immediately impact sales.

Summarizing all the researched information into a strategic document which will inform the design process and form a reference
document for the future.

Research sounds and feels daunting. It’s certainly not as fun as installing a new theme for your website and feeling happy that the site looks prettier, or getting a new logo designed which looks more modern. Whether this process is undertaken in-house or by an external consultant (such as by a design agency), this is not a process to be rushed through: you will get better results with a well-researched strategic plan.


 The Corcoran Team is comprised of retired Boston Public School Computer Education    Teachers. We know schools, we know technology and we know web design. We have the  time and  the experience to work with you every step of the way to create a world class  website that will  reflect your requirements and unique character.

                                      "We want you to be you, only better"