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K-12 Solutions

As a full service web designing company, Corcoran K-12 Connections offers our BPS clients a wide array of web services specifically designed for the BPS K-12 education environment. Reach out to your BPS K-12 community. We will work step by step with your school to produce a comprehensive web package that celebrates your distinct requirements and character. (view examples below) 

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We will create an attractive well executed web presence, and more importantly, we will maintain and update your presence so that it reflects the changes that all schools undergo during the school year. We only work with BPS Schools. We are BPS teachers. We know technology and we know BPS schools. We have been designing websites since 1990. We designed and currently maintain the East Boston High School and Excel High School websites.

We can offer you a clear and concise web strategy. This goes well beyond the physical appearance of your website. A well designed strategy based on research will give your school a strong sense of authority, relevance and trust. When you’ve got a solid strategy, you will be able to measure. When you measure, you’re able to make good decisions based on real data. This will result in the most effective way of reaching your school's community.



The Corcoran Team is comprised of retired Boston Public School Computer Education Teachers. We know schools, we know technology and we know web design. We have the time and the experience to work with you every step of the way to create a world class website that will reflect your requirements and unique character.

                                        "We want you to be you, only better"